Culture Experience

Our Cultural Experience

We start from the travel production. Our different hotels set up small concert, sponsor who called "outdoor Oscar" - Banff International Mountain Film Festival. We carry out urban Citywalk hiking and travel sharing sessions and other social platforms. We encourage travelers to live like a local in the destination, rather than consumer.

2014 we began to set up volunteer " excursion fund" to finance Vacherie volunteers to achieve gap year travel.

2014 we became a sponsor and the only hotel branding sponsor as one of the world's coolest outdoor Oscar "Banff Mountain Film Festival".

2014 we founded the Internet media magazine "Package", positioning in original celebrity travelling interviews. Only half year it formats a leading position in the travel industry.

2015 we collaborated Huwans – the largest travel service company in EU to establish the Citywalk program. This Citywalk dedicates to exploring the architecture history behind the city and more possibilities of travel.

2016 we are working with SMART college to cultivate the management people for the hostels.

Travelling with Music Live

Travelling with hotel regularly organizes music social activities. Combined of universities and society young people, we provide an interactive platform for the majority of music lovers, travelers with classic songs to explore new forms of music, make like-minded friends. Let the music bring joy to travel, let lonely disappear in music.


Travel Sharing Salon

We hold mini travel sharing salon with <Travel> magazine, <On Road> and <Bread Travel> to share and explore different journey stories and ways to travel.