Travelling With is an group of hotels and hostels which committed to travel accommodation lifestyle exploration, is a travel experience of the integration of cultural institutions.

Travel and Social Interaction

Besides ensuring your privacy, we will treat the public spaces as a living body, creating trust between people, preparing common topics for conversations, and finding other ways to produce more energy in the public spaces. By organizing activities, forums for different topics, mini concerts, mini exhibitions and other activities, we hope that we will create more opportunities to socialize with others. TW Hotel will become the travelers service network and community for travelers to share information and local culture.

Travel Like a local

Travel is to explore the unknown and it should be done in a way that is good for the native residents, culture and environment. From time to time we will organize our original city walk to explore the city and the stories behind it. This will allow travellers to get better understanding of local history and culture. We hope that you can get a real local experience and all this represents our labour of love and the values we care about. We will work with the famous films and arts festival to bring even more exciting experiences for our travellers.

Low-carbon Design

We hope not only to meet the basic needs of your accommodation, but to provide a cozy experience with less waste. TW Hotel acts environmentally friendly from searching authentic properties such as uninhabited houses, old factories & hotels. When we design our properties we will choose to keep the original architectural style as much possible. Our design requirements are simplicity and practicality. We try as much as possible to use environmentally friendly materials, reuse waste, source local materials, use the beauty in nature and keep the original structures and shapes.